You may not know it, but chances are you could be living next to or near a house or site that has once been used to produce methamphetamine. The appropriate clean up and remediation of a property used as a meth lab is Australia is essential. While it is important the clean up is completed as soon as possible to eliminate cross-contamination and chemical pollution around the area, it is vitally important that the clean up process be completed by a team of trained and certified Meth Lab Remediation specialists like those at Meth Lab Cleaners Australia.
The highly trained and specialised meth lab remediation technicians at Meth Lab Cleaners Australia provide a state of the art meth lab remediation service to all metro and regional areas across Australia.
The Meth Lab Clean up process in Australia is a dangerous and toxic endeavour that should only be performed by highly-trained, well-equipped bio-hazard remediation technicians. The Meth Lab Cleaners Australia team utilises sophisticated safety, detection, testing, and remediation technologies, to bring environmental indicator levels back to accepted standards so you can breathe easy.
Meth residue left behind from the cooking process contaminates the very pores of the building where it resides. Ingredients include common household products such as drain cleaner, cold medicine and battery acid. Cooking methamphetamine produces in excess of 3 kilograms of toxic waste for every kilogram of meth it yields.
Every home that once housed a meth lab is, in essence, a hazardous waste site. Homes contaminated by methamphetamine toxicity need professional hazmat cleaning performed by environmentally knowledgeable experts. The alternatives are gutting the building interior provided the base structure is unaffected, or demolition.
Not only are the chemicals used to make the drug toxic, but meth lab clean up is dangerous because of the volatility of the chemical manufacturing process. That makes meth lab clean up in Australia potentially very costly.
Different chemicals are used for meth. Many chemicals used are common in homes. The poor handling and disposal of these chemicals, as well as mixing incompatible compounds, can create hazards.
Hazardous chemicals can be formed while making meth and can contaminate a property. Carpeting, wallboard, ceiling tile, or fabric may absorb spilled or vaporized chemicals. Further, furniture or curtains may become contaminated. Outdoor disposal sites may also require evaluation and clean up.
After a meth lab is discovered, the local law enforcement is responsible for making arrests and seizing the lab. Evidence is removed from the site and chemical hazard consultants are brought in by law enforcement to remove containers of hazardous chemicals related to the operation of the meth lab.
If you are concerned your property or a neighbouring property has been used as a clandestine drug lab to produce methamphetamine, don’t hesitate to contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia for a discreet and obligation free chat to see how our team can successfully and promptly remediate and restore your property to a safe and habitable environment.