According the Australian Crime Commission 2013, the growth in meth lab detections in Australia, particularly Queensland and Western Australia is significantly higher than past years.

The table below shows the alarming increase in clandestine drug labs being detected across Australia from 2003 – 2012. The alarming figures show just how prevalent drug labs and meth labs are in Queensland. According to the Australian Crime Commission statistics, close to 50% of drug labs detected across Australia are in Queensland.

meth labs detected in australia

Meth Labs Found 2002-2012

Mew South Wales / 13.18% (634) 14%
Victoria / 12.97% (624) 13%
Queensland / 43.65% (2100) 44%
South Australia / 11.35% (546) 11%
Western Australia / 15.90% (765) 16%
Tasmania / 1.01% (49) 1%
Northern Territory / 1.49% (72) 2%
Australian Capital Territory / 0.41% (20) 1%

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