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Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Meth lab cleaning can involve a number of stringent and important steps to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, habitable state. The meth lab cleanup process involves both disposing of, and if possible, remediation of contaminated household items and structural elements. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia technicians are trained and certified to safety decontaminate the property and dispose of any contaminated furniture, house hold items, fixtures, carpets, wall sheeting etc. and provide independent, regulated environmental testing reports for the premises.

Meth Contamination on the Rise

As the number of meth labs found across Australia rises, so too does the need to experienced, trained and professional Meth lab decontamination experts. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer a holistic and stringent service to assist in the clean up and remediation of any property affected by a meth lab.
As meth labs have an enormous waste to product ratio, approximately 6 parts toxic runoff to every 1 part of saleable meth, any property, which has been used to cook or create meth, will likely be left in a toxic and hazardous state. The scene will remain toxic indefinitely until the proper remediation has been done.

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Meth Residue in Residential Properties

Although large and intelligent meth lab set ups may use commercial laboratory equipment, the vast majority are made up of general house-hold items such as thermoses, mason jars, bottles, batteries, cans, tubing and window screens. Meth cooks are extremely resourceful with the materials they source and use to produce the drugs, as well as locations used to cook. Most Meth Labs are found in residential properties, however, authorities have been finding an increasing number in motels, cars, motorhomes, sheds, abandoned buildings and even home-made tunnels and caves.
Although each Meth Lab Decontamination job has its own unique set of difficulties, almost all will be divided into primary and secondary contamination areas.

Typical primary areas of contamination include:

  • Cooking areas: Gross contamination in these areas is always evident and can be caused by spills, fumes, explosions and gasses created during the cooking process.
  • Disposal areas: Anywhere chemicals, by-products or materials used to manufacture methamphetamine are disposed of including toilets, sinks, drains, vents, chimney flumes, soil, water and groundwater including supplies, bins and septic systems.
  • Storage areas: Meth Lab decontamination will also need to occur in areas the cook meth and drugs have been stored. Leaks, spills and open containers all have the possibility of cause contamination

Secondary areas of a meth lab contamination includes, but is not limited to:

  • Locations adjacent, or near, to any primary area including hallways or high traffic areas
  • Common areas in multiple dwelling structures and adjacent apartment including floors, walls, ceilings, carpeting, light fixtures, draperies and other textile products
  • Common ventilation or plumbing systems in hotels and multiple dwellings

Any meth lab decontamination job has its own unique set of difficulties and problematic areas. If you or a loved one is faced with the daunting and overwhelming situation of meth lab decontamination, don’t hesitate to contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia. Our team of qualified, experienced and professional team of Meth Lab Decontamination technicians are on standby, ready to talk you through our comprehensive service to assist in the clean up and remediation of a property or area affected by a Meth lab. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia is ready to provide you with assessment, testing and decontamination as part of our complete Meth Lab decontamination process.

Why Choose Meth Lab Cleaners Australia?

1. Speed

Our fast response time is a critical part of our business and the nature of the industry, not only from a health and safety perspective, but also an emotional perspective. We appreciate just how stressful the Meth Lab remediation process can be for our clients, and will always work as fast as possible to ensure a successful Meth Lab decontamination in your home or premises.

2. Discretion

At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia, we believe the meth lab clean up process should be as discreet as possible. Our technicians will always work to ensure the meth lab clean up and remediation process is carried out discreetly so as to not become a public spectacle. We always strive maintain a minimum level of intrusion to our clients and affected parties.

3. Support

Meth Lab Cleaners Australia understand that at this time the family is often overwhelmed. In addition to performing the clean-up and meth lab remediation, we aid the family by documenting the work we perform in reports that insurance companies may request. We can help activate claims where appropriate and work directly with insurance companies as required. This can help alleviate some of the additional pressure imposed on the family and affected parties of the Meth Lab.

4. Qualifications and Experience

Meth Lab Cleaners Australia are not only HAZMAT accredited but have also undergone extensive training in the United States where meth labs are most prevalent.
Over the years we have gained a thorough understanding of the dangers presented from meth labs in Australian properties. Through our innovate approach to clandestine remediation our experienced technicians guarantee clearance on all properties we decontaminate. Each property is treated uniquely and with our joint cooperation with Industry experts from local law enforcement, Councils, EPA, Scientific labs and Insurance companies we are able to provide a successful remediation service Australia Wide.