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Meth lab clean up and decontamination service Sydney NSW. Trained and certified in the clean up of meth lab affected properties, we have equipment and experience to effectively decontaminate meth labs throughout Sydney and greater NSW. We guarantee a clearance level will be reached once the property has been cleaned for your piece of mind.

Talk to the experts in the clean up and decontamination of meth labs in Sydney NSW. We can assist you with testing for the harmful chemical residues left behind after a operational meth lab has been found as well as guaranteed clearance after the property has be cleaned by our trained and certified meth lab clean up technicians.

Typically after a methamphetamine lab is discovered by law enforcement in Sydney or New South Wales, the bulk of any lab-related waste such as chemicals and containers, is removed. However, contamination may be left on surfaces and in absorbent materials such as carpets, furniture, sinks, drains and ventilation systems.
Though often found in small amounts, meth lab contaminants may pose health threats to persons exposed to them. In response to increased concerns over the contamination left behind at meth labs, Meth Lab Cleaners Australia NSW always recommend no one enter the property until comprehensive pre-remediation meth lab testing occurs and the severity of contamination is determined.
At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia, we appreciate the sensitive nature of a meth lab decontamination, and will always works with our New South Wales clients to produce a positive result, regardless of size or complexity of the meth lab remediation process.

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Meth Lab Clean Up Services | Sydney NSW

Meth contamination is a growing concern for property owners and tenants in Sydney and regional NSW. With the number of meth users on the rise, so are the number of illegal meth labs. To discuss your meth lab cleaning requirements further or to arrange testing, contact Meth Lab Cleaners Sydney today.

Meth Lab Clean Up | Sydney NSW

At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia New South Wales, cleaning recommendations are the same for all meth related chemicals. They follow the pattern of:
Meth Lab Testing Sydney NSW: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia start the meth remediation process with qualitative pre-testing to determine the level and severity of contamination
Meth Lab Decontamination Sydney: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia carefully and systematically clean the home or premises of left over belongings, household items and other goods which are deemed non-salvageable
Meth Lab Clean Up & Decontamination Sydney NSW: Our experienced Meth Lab Remediation experts decontaminate and remediate the entire property using specialised equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure no methamphetamine or residue remains
Independent Laboratory Testing New South Wales: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia will re-test the property to ensure all traces of methamphetamine are removed and the property is returned to its pre bio-hazardous, habitable state