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Contact Brisbane Meth Lab Cleaners | 0491 040 809 – Our Brisbane Meth Lab Clean Up Division proudly service all Metro and Regional areas in Queensland including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Dalby, Townsville and Cairns. To discuss the clean up and decontamination of a meth lab in Brisbane or regional QLD, contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia.

Brisbane Meth Lab Cleaners | 0491 040 809

Based in Brisbane, we are a specialised meth lab clean up and decontamination company. If you have a property that has been contaminated from the cooking of meth, ice or speed; contact our experienced and trained meth lab clean up technicians for further information.
We are a meth lab decontamination company located in Brisbane and servicing the entire state of QLD. We can assist with the entire decontamination process from pre testing, cleaning and decontamination to post cleanup testing.
With the growing Methamphetamine epidemic, proper decontamination and remediation of meth houses and labs is more crucial than ever.

According to the Crime Commission 2013 findings, Queensland sadly leads the way with the number of meth labs found in the previous decade (2002 – 2012) with a whopping 43% or 2100 meth labs discoveries.
Although there may not be any exterior evidence of a meth lab of meth being used in a property, the cooking or manufacturing process of methamphetamine produces a residual vapour which seeps in to all surfaces, from carpeting, furniture, personal belonging and even structural elements of the property.
As methamphetamine use and abuse becomes a bigger problem in Queensland, it pays to bring in the experts to ensure your property meets all of the necessary requirements and is reverted back to a safe, habitable state.

Meth Lab Decontamination in Queensland is an involved and specialised process and requires expert training and equipment to ensure the property is fully decontaminated. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia ensures all of our technicians in Brisbane and Queensland are certified meth lab remediation specialists. Regardless of the size or location of the meth lab found, Meth Lab Cleaners Australia follow a stringent process to ensure your property is meth free:
Meth Lab Testing QLD: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia start the meth remediation process with qualitative pre-testing to determine the level and severity of contamination.

Meth Testing
ingredients used to cook meth

Meth Residue Services

Meth Lab Decontamination QLD: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia carefully and systematically clean the home or premises of left over belongings, household items and other goods which are deemed non-salvageable
Meth Lab Remediation QLD: Our experienced Meth Lab Remediation experts decontaminate the entire property using specialised equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure no methamphetamine or residue remains
Independent Laboratory Testing QLD: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia will re-test the property to ensure all traces of methamphetamine are removed and the property is returned to its pre bio-hazardous, habitable state

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