Meth Lab Residue Testing Kits

DIY Meth Testing Kits – Instant result for methamphetamine residue. Test walls and surfaces for meth residue. Purchase drug residue test kits online.

Do it Yourself - Meth Residue Testing Kits

Do you think your Home or Rental Property may have been used to manufacture or cook Meth – Street names: Ice, Crystal, Glass.
Over 60% of Clandestine Methamphetamine Drug Labs are found in rental properties: houses, units, farms, sheds and even in the back of car boots.
Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer an inexpensive, on the spot test for meth residue. With one meth testing kit you can test multiple locations using the swabs provided.

How must do Meth Test Kits Cost

Meth testing kits are available from $149.00 + Postage (Express post only). Keep in mind these meth testing kits are design to provide an indicative result. 1 line indicates a POSITIVE reading and 2 lines indicates a NEGATIVE reading or below 0.5ug (micrograms per 100cm2)

Meth Test Kit

A Positive Result for Meth Residue:

It should be noted, a positive test for meth residue does not necessarily indicate manufacturing there was a meth lab in your home. It does indicate that the finished product was present, this could be a result of heavy smoking of methamphetamine or a smaller “Shake and Bake” cooking method – both resulting is toxic contamination.

Meth Lab testing kits can be used in any home, boat, vehicle, motel, hotel, shed or anywhere a suspected drug lab has been operating. A Home meth lab test kit will return a positive or negative meth detection result within minutes. Each Home Meth Testing Kit comes with instructions and is extremely easy to use.

If buying a property we recommend conducting a meth test prior to making an offer or going to contract.

A Meth Testing kit works rapidly to indicate whether levels of methamphetamine exceed the 0.5µg/100cm2. The DIY Meth Testing Kit will only show positive results when in excess of safe levels: 0.5ug or higher (micrograms or parts per million) .

Older recipes for methamphetamine leave staining and chemical odours. New recipes make the manufacturing process odourless. Methamphetamine may not have a distinctive colour or odour. Increasingly, the only way to detect residue of meth manufacture was official chemical testing by a laboratory, Lab results will give you a full set of contamination levels when compared to the DIY instant Kit however Lab testing is much more expensive.
If your test kit returns a positive line, we recommend you call us to obtain more detailed analysis and have each room tested for contamination. Swabs will then be sent to a NATA accredited lab for accurate testing. Only then can we take the next step of developing a Remediation Action Plan (RAP).



Meth Testing Kits should be used as a pre-purchase tool when buying a new home or investment property, between tenancies to ensure there is no methamphetamine contamination that might harm your next tenant or their family. Remember it’s your duty of care when leasing a property to ensure it is safe for habitation.

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Got any Questions?

Meth Lab Cleaners Australia are here to help with any of your questions. Contact us now for an obligation-free chat.

Why Choose Meth Lab Cleaners Australia?

1. Speed

Our fast response time is a critical part of our business and the nature of the industry, not only from a health and safety perspective, but also an emotional perspective. We appreciate just how stressful the Meth Lab remediation process can be for our clients, and will always work as fast as possible to ensure a successful Meth Lab decontamination in your home or premises.

2. Discretion

At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia, we believe the meth lab clean up process should be as discreet as possible. Our technicians will always work to ensure the meth lab clean up and remediation process is carried out discreetly so as to not become a public spectacle. We always strive maintain a minimum level of intrusion to our clients and affected parties.

3. Support

Meth Lab Cleaners Australia understand that at this time the family is often overwhelmed. In addition to performing the clean-up and meth lab remediation, we aid the family by documenting the work we perform in reports that insurance companies may request. We can help activate claims where appropriate and work directly with insurance companies as required. This can help alleviate some of the additional pressure imposed on the family and affected parties of the Meth Lab.

4. Qualifications and Experience

Meth Lab Cleaners Australia are not only HAZMAT accredited but have also undergone extensive training in the United States where meth labs are most prevalent.
Over the years we have gained a thorough understanding of the dangers presented from meth labs in Australian properties. Through our innovate approach to clandestine remediation our experienced technicians guarantee clearance on all properties we decontaminate. Each property is treated uniquely and with our joint cooperation with Industry experts from local law enforcement, Councils, EPA, Scientific labs and Insurance companies we are able to provide a successful remediation service Australia Wide.