Meth Lab Clean Up Brisbane

Over the past decade Australia has seen Brisbane join the top cities for illegal clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing. Rental properties coping the brunt of this costly and destructive illegal drug manufacturing industry with home owners left to clean up the residue left by unlawful tenants looking for quick cash or a cheaper alternative to supply their desperate drug habit.
Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer Meth Lab Testing services in Brisbane & South East Queensland to determine if a property has been contaminated and at what levels. If your property is in rural Queensland, not a problem we’ll travel to you.
The clean up process is very methodical and our remediation action plans are designed unique to each property. Once we receive the swab testing & analysis results back from an independent forensic science lab we can put together a plan of action. Many factors are considered when cleaning a house that in contaminated with Meth residue. This includes contents, types of materials in the home, and ventilation to name a few.