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Meth lab clean up service Adelaide SA. Trained and certified meth lab cleaning technicians in Adelaide. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia proudly services all metro and regional areas in South Australia including Adelaide, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Moomba, Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln and Wallaroo.

Meth Lab Clean Up Service in Adelaide SA. We have extensive experience in all aspects of meth lab remediation and meth lab decontamination has resulted in numerous successful projects, with us now being able to provide the most cost effective, comprehensive and reliable Meth Lab Remediation process in the industry.
Our meth lab technicians and extended network are all highly qualified and skilled, seasoned professionals, enabling us to provide a high quality and exact meth lab assessment, decontamination and remediation, no matter how big, small or complex the circumstance may seem.
Each and every one of our trained meth lab remediation technicians have the skills and experience to recognise what can, and cannot be remediated and will utilize their knowledge to provide a successful remediation experience in Adelaide or South Australia every time. Our proven four-step approach includes:

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Meth Use on the Rise in South Australia

The number of meth users in Adelaide & South Australia has been on the rise for a number of years. With this rise in meth comes an increase in the number of illegal meth labs being found in residential and commercial properties. For more information on the meth lab clean up services available in Adelaide and regional South Australia, contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia today.

South Australia | Meth Lab Clean Up Area

Meth Lab Testing South Australia: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia start the meth remediation process with qualitative pre-testing to determine the level and severity of contamination
Meth Lab Decontamination South Australia: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia carefully and systematically clean the home or premises of left over belongings, household items and other goods which are deemed non-salvageable
Meth Lab Remediation South Australia: Our experienced Meth Lab Remediation experts decontaminate and remediate the entire property using specialised equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure no methamphetamine or residue remains
Independent Laboratory Testing South Australia: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia will re-test the property to ensure all traces of methamphetamine are removed and the property is returned to its pre bio-hazardous, habitable state.
Servicing Adelaide and rural South Australia, we can assist in decontaminating any properties that has been contaminated via the cooking of methamphetamine’s.

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