If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to test your home or rental property for Methamphetamine or Ecstasy then you have come to the right place.
Our meth testing kits provide instant results and are perfect for testing rental properties that you suspect have been used to manufacture illegal drugs like Crystal Meth also know as Ice.
The Meth checks can be used to test walls, window sills, bathroom extraction fans, Kitchen ceilings & surfaces that may have been affected by chemical residue. Each kit contains 10 test cartridges and will allow your to check 10 individual areas of a property for meth contamination.
Note this test is only indicative and should not be used to replace thorough lab testing. Keep in mind a positive indication does not mean that meth was cooked in your property it simple indicates the finished product was there. Smoking meth in a house over a long period can also produce positive results. If you get a positive reading then your next step is lab testing. This involves sending one of our Meth Lab Testing Technicians to conduct a site assessment and take surface samples in various locations within the property. Each area of the house is documented  before we send the samples to an independent laboratory for accurate testing.

Meth Testing Kits are available for $149.00 + Postage

To order your Home Meth Testing Kit visit: Meth Testing Kits