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Professional meth testing services with over 7 years experience. Experienced in all types of meth testing including laboratory samples and meth testing kits. To discuss the most appropriate testing option for your circumstances, contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia today.

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This method of meth testing involves taking multiple surface samples from a property that are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Results from this type of meth testing will provide exact reading of methamphetamine contamination levels, allowing a remediation action plan (RAP) to be created. Without these laboratory meth testing results, a tailored meth lab cleanup quote is not possible. To discuss meth testing further or get a quote, contact Meth Lab Cleaners today on 1300 246 429.


Home test kits are available that identify a full range of drug residue. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer an inexpensive, on the spot test for meth residue. However, it should be noted, a positive test for meth residue does not necessarily indicate manufacturing was done in the house. It does indicate that the finished product was present. If you require assistance with meth lab testing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns or anywhere throughout Australia. Meth test kits can be purchased over the phone and provide an instant positive or negative reading.


In order to deem a property used as a Meth Lab as safe, the level of methamphetamine found must be less than the accepted Australia Standard of 0.5µg/100cm2 of meth.
Meth Lab Cleaners Australia provide property owners both a pre and post meth lab forensic testing results.
Pre forensic testing can significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned.


  • To establish the reference conditions preceding remediation
  • To ensure health and safety of any person working onsite both before and during the remediation process
  • To meet sampling requirements needed by banks, insurance companies, property owners or any other associated private or site entity
  • To help quantify remediation costs

Older recipes for methamphetamine left staining and chemical odours. New recipes make the manufacturing process odourless. Methamphetamine does not have a distinctive colour or odours. Increasingly, the only way to detect residue of meth manufacture is chemical testing.
Perhaps the most crucial stage of a meth lab remediation process, the post forensic test and validation for re-habitation determines whether the property has been cleared to a safe, bio-hazard and chemical free state, and to comply with the Australia standards, the final finding must be less than 0.5µg/100cm2 of meth. This is the standard level considered safe for human habitation in Australia.

Meth Lab Testing
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    Most chemicals used are volatile organic compounds, explosives, acids, bases, metals and chemical salts. Carpeting, wallboard, ceiling tile, wood and fabric absorb these materials. Furniture and draperies can become contaminated. Residue can be drawn into the heating/cooling system and distributed throughout the house. Spilled chemicals can contaminate walls, floors and counters. Chemicals disposed of by dumping in the yard pollute the soil, poured down the drain they can damage a septic system and leach into groundwater. For every pound of meth produced, 5-6 pounds of waste are left. Suspected chemical dumping in soil and sewage system should be reported to your local health department.
    Clandestine drug labs or meth labs are highly volatile and dangerous, and present extreme risk of toxic, poisonous and corrosive exposure to anyone who comes in contact with the lab or its surrounds.

    Discrete laboratory meth testing samples collected from a meth lab or meth contaminated property is the only way to determine what needs to be remediated, and what doesn’t.


    DIY Testing Kits

    Methamphetamine does not have a distinctive colour or odour. Increasingly, the only way to detect residue of meth manufacture is chemical testing. Home test kits are available that identify a full range of drug residue. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer an inexpensive, on the spot test for meth residue.

    The process of cleaning a meth lab

    Meth Lab Cleaning

    As the number of meth labs found across Australia, particularly Queensland, rises, so too does the need to experienced, trained and professional Meth Lab Decontamination experts. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia offer a holistic and stringent service to assist in the clean up and remediation of any property affected by a meth lab.

    Drug Lab Clean Up Costs

    The Drug Lab Clean Up costs are complex and will vary greatly dependent on the property size, nature and extent of decontamination required, the type of materials and method of manufacture. Meth Lab clean up cost will start at around $5,000 if contained but can easily reach $40,000 for a large home.


    Meth Lab Cleaning by Certified Methamphetamine P-Lab Decontamination Cleanup Technicians.Meth Lab Clean up in Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth | Canberra | Darwin | Hobart | Cairns | Toowoomba | Gold Coast | Sunshine Coast & Townsville. Meth Lab Testing Kits For Sale – Australia-wide Delivery. Contact Meth Lab Cleaners Australia on 1300 BIO HAZ to order. Perfect for testing rental properties & During a Pre-purchase Inspection to make sure your’e not buying a contaminated meth house. The Meth Test Kits can also be used to test your kids bedrooms or car for Meth Residue.

    Why Choose Meth Lab Cleaners Australia?

    Our fast response time is a critical part of our business and the nature of the industry, not only from a health and safety perspective, but also an emotional perspective. We appreciate just how stressful the Meth Lab remediation process can be for our clients, and will always work as fast as possible to ensure a successful Meth Lab decontamination in your home or premises.

    At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia, we believe the meth lab clean up process should be as discreet as possible. Our technicians will always work to ensure the meth lab clean up and remediation process is carried out discreetly so as to not become a public spectacle. We always strive maintain a minimum level of intrusion to our clients and affected parties.

    We understand that at this time the family is often overwhelmed. In addition to performing the clean-up and meth lab remediation, we aid the family by documenting the work we perform in reports that insurance companies may request. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia can help activate claims where appropriate and work directly with insurance companies as required. This can help alleviate some of the additional pressure imposed on the family and affected parties of the Meth Lab.

    Meth Lab Cleaners Australia are at the forefront of the clandestine drug lab remediation industry. We’ve successfully decontaminated both commercial and residential properties that have been used for the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with fast effective solutions, enabling them to safely reside back in the home or re-lease with limited loss of rent.

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