Many home buyers unknowingly buy homes contaminated by methamphetamine, which when smoked or manufactured, release dangerous chemicals into the air that can cling to clothing, carpets, and walls. A dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. A contaminated home can not only cause sickness but also be uninhabitable for a long time. We have come across home buyers who have spent tens of thousands of dollars in remediation and reconstruction, adding financial burden and delay to moving in.

Signs of a Former Meth House

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Look out for the possible red flags below:

  • Yellow or red stain marks on countertops, carpets, or linoleum
  • Iodine stain marks on walls
  • Blocked out windows
  • Burns in countertops, on rugs or on the floors
  • Discarded cylinders
  • Empty solvent jars or mason jars
  • Corroded gas canisters
  • Blister packs of ephedrine
  • Evidence of anhydrous ammonia or hydrochloric acid
  • Plastic tubing
  • Rock salt or rock salt containers
  • Hydrogen peroxide bottles
  • Lithium batteries
  • Coffee filters with red stains
  • Unusual smells, such as a strong cat urine smell, ammonia, and vinegar


Property Drug Lab Testing Kits

Our meth testing kits provide instant result and are perfect for testing rental properties that you suspect have been used to manufacture illegal drugs like Crystal Meth also know as Ice. The Meth Identification & Detection test can be used to test walls, window sills, bathroom extraction fans, Kitchen ceilings & surfaces that may have been affected by chemical residue.
Note this test is only indicative and should not be used to replace thorough lab testing. If the test turns purple it means you have a positive reading for Meth. Keep in mind a positive does not mean that meth was cooked in your property it simple indicates the finished product was there. Smoking meth in a house over a long period may also produce positive results. If you get a positive reading then your next step is forensic testing. This involves our technicians taking a set of samples in various locations within the property, documenting them before we send the samples to an independent lab for accurate testing.
Before you make an offer to buy the home, always ensure that you have completed a home testing for meth. Meth Labs Australia technicians are qualified to properly inspect and clear homes for meth contamination and other chemicals.