Five men have been charged with drug importation offences after Federal and Victorian authorities seized up to 300 kilos of pure pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient for making methamphetamine.
Authorities allege the drug, which is capable of producing meth with a wholesale value of $42 million, was hidden in 160 washing powder boxes, among 900 others inside a shipping container following a Christmas tip -off to police.
Victoria Police acting commander Paul Naylor said the arrests were part of an investigation that began in October last year, when Operation Lingers dismantled one of the largest amphetamine factories in Victoria.
Pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in some cold and flu medications, is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, also known as ice.
Border Force officers, using intelligence provided by the ACIC, examined powder found in a consignment at a factory at Tottenham, which tested positive for pseudoephedrine.
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