The Effects of Meth on the Body

Those exposed to meth report loss of appetite, loss of concentration, itchy skin, dry eyes, irritability, paranoia, colds, breathing difficulties and sinus problems

Those exposed to meth report loss of appetite, loss of concentration, itchy skin, dry eyes, irritability, paranoia, colds, breathing difficulties and sinus problems

Crystal Meth is a highly addictive and dangerous man-made stimulate that effects the user mentally and physically. Meth affects almost every part of the users body, including kidneys, lungs, brain, heart, liver, digestive system and teeth.
Meth causes a rise is the users body temperature, increased heartbeat, dilated pupils, excessive sweating, acne, body sores and impotence in males. Excessive use can cause more severe effects such as muscle breakdown, kidney damage, kidney failure, hyperthermia, cardiac arrest, stroke, brain damage and sometimes-even death.
Poor oral hygiene is a sign of meth abuse or addiction. The stimulating effects of crystal meth causes the user to clench and grind their teeth, and leads to decreased saliva production due to the high amounts of acid being produced. Tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss are all common physical signs of meth abuse.
The effects of crystal meth are also mental. Crystal meth use damages nerve cells, which leads to psychosis, paranoia, and quite often, audible and visual hallucinations.

Warning Signs of Methamphetamine Use

Crystal meth is an extremely addicting drug, and has been known as one of the most dangerous street drugs due to its tendency to induce violent behaviour and its long-lasting effects.
Signs of crystal meth use vary from person to person, depending upon body mass, route of administration, and dosage. The general effects experienced are euphoria, anxiety, hyperactivity, and insomnia.
When larger doses are taken, one may behave violently, go into a state of confusion, and in some cases have a heart attack or stroke.
Meth addicts commonly have many scabs and skin lesions, as they pick nervously at their own body, and the substance slows healing and deteriorates the immune system. Finally, meth almost always inhibits hunger in the user. Crystal meth addicts often lose weight at an alarmingly fast rate, and are unhealthily thin.

Free meth help for Mandurah families

Sourced from Mandurah Mail
In the wake of WA’s meth epidemic, Palmerston Mandurah is hosting free meth workshops and training to assist local families who are facing meth addiction issues.
The workshop will explore the nature of meth, its impact on the human brain and behaviour, techniques to support family members and ways to stay safe when providing support to users.
It has been designed to provide realistic and practical information on the effects of meth on people, and to teach suitable responses to behaviour changes.
The course is divided into three evening sessions of one and a half hours each.
The first sessions will be held on March 28 from 5pm to 6.30pm.
The next two sessions will be at the same time on April 4 and April 11.
For more information about the workshops and to register call Palmerston Mandurah on 9581 4010.

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