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Meth Lab Clean Up Service Tasmania. We can professionally decontaminate meth houses using the latest equipment and chemicals. Meth Lab Cleaners Australia proudly service all Metro and Regional areas in Tasmania including Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Port Arthur, Roseberry and Burnie.

Meth Lab Cleaning and Decontamination in Hobart Tasmania
Meth Lab Cleaners Australia Tasmania takes meth lab remediation seriously. We understand the risks associated with an unmediated meth lab can affect not only current occupants but any future occupants.
Meth Lab Cleaners Australia provide a comprehensive meth lab cleaning service utilising our state of the art machinery and decontamination products. Coupled with the extensive experience and knowledge our technicians own, Meth Lab Cleaners Australia is the industry leader in meth lab remediation. Each of our technicians have undertaken extensive training.
At Meth Lab Cleaners Australia Tasmania, cleaning recommendations are the same for all meth related chemicals with stringent guidelines followed each time for a successful meth lab decontamination.
They follow the pattern of:
Meth Lab Testing Tasmania: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia start the meth remediation process with qualitative pre-testing to determine the level and severity of contamination
Meth Lab Decontamination Tasmania: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia carefully and systematically clean the home or premises of left over belongings, household items. Our experienced Meth Lab Remediation experts decontaminate and remediate the entire property using specialised equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure no methamphetamine or residue remains
Independent Laboratory Testing Tasmania: Meth Lab Cleaners Australia will re-test the property to ensure all traces of methamphetamine are removed and the property is returned to its pre bio-hazardous, habitable state

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